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TSR Map | Temporary Speed Restrictions UK | Rail Record

*Marker locations are a rough estimate and not an exact precise location. Refer to sectional appendix.

Temporary Speed Restrictions

View a list of active Temporary Speed Restrictions across the UK rail network.

The Temporary Speed Restrictions details table is available exclusively for pro users. You can use the map instead for basic information.

TSR Information

TSRs (Temporary Speed Restriction) are temporary changes in line speed on the UK rail network. The cause of Temporary Speed Restrictions can vary, the reasons are outlined in our table above.

Some of the common reasons Temporary Speed Restrictions are introduced are:

TSR data is published in the Weekly Operating Notice and as a result, Emergency Speed Restrictions are not part this data unless changed to TSR.

Information shown on the map includes Passenger Speed, Freight Speed, and rough location.

Data included in the table includes:

Temporary Speed Restriction data is updated Friday mornings.

Please note not all TSRs will be shown on the map - only locations where we have successfully been able to map coordinates will be shown. The TSR table shows a complete list.